About Orijin®

About us

Orijin® is a brand owned by AFIS company (www.afisfoods.com).

Created in 2012, Orijin® represents AFIS International Foods corporate philosophy. Our job is to identify and develop high quality products, frozen or dry, that we think have great potentials. Our range of products are made of exotic vegetables, dry beans, beverages, specialized breads, cakes and pastries (discover our products range Orijin®: « Our products »).

Orijin® products are available from our central warehouse in Le Havre, Normandy, France to our customers: Food Service, Industry, Retailers and Freezer centers.

Our values

Offering products which are as close as possible to the original product.

Our team of passionate people looks every day for authentic products. We promote a great proximity with our suppliers in order to guarantee « Clean Label » products.

Authenticity, originality, quality and traceability are our daily values.



Our emblematic product? Our 100% Pure Florida beverages.

Find out more about our 100% Pure Orange juice and 100% Pure Pink Grapefruit Juice from Florida! The process method symbolyzes exactly what we want to bring to our customers: product freshness and incomparable taste.

The citrus are harvested, squeezed and frozen within the same day. This process allows us to preserve the best organoleptic qualities.

Tasting them is the best proof!