Orijin® Lemonade from Florida

The authentic Lemonade from Florida: an exceptional lemon taste bringing freshness in your glass!

Our Orijin® lemonade is made of only three ingredients: fresh lemons, pure cane sugar, and water.

Available in 25cl & 1l sizes.

Kosher, non-ionised, no GMOs.


• 100% Clean Label, no preservatives, no additives or artificial ingredients

• Prepared with high quality pure lemon juice

• Product shelflife: 7 days after thawing under refrigerated conditions

• Multiple serving possibilities: refreshing drinks, cocktails, sorbets (…)


Deep freezing benefits

No food waste: our customers only use what they need.

Long product shelflife: far much longer than a fresh product (or course!).

Best quality: consistent quality throughout the year for all products. Organoleptic characteristics are fully preserve thanks to the deep freezing process.

Good value for money:  frozen products are less likely to experience the large price changes that affect fresh product.

1l bottle

25cl bottle