Orijin® Pure Orange Juice

100% Frozen squeezed Pure Orange Juice from Florida

An exceptional product, unique on the market!

Fruits are picked, squeezed and frozen within the same day. This process helps to preserve the best organoleptic qualities of the fruits: taste, texture and vitamins.

Oranges are harvested at the peak of their maturity between February and May of each year.

During Breakfast or a break, discover the incredible taste of citrus from Florida!


• No preservatives, no added sugar, no added water

• Product shelflife: 7 days after thawing under refrigerated conditions

• No more daily squeezing, the constant quality of Florida Orange all year long

• Once thawed, enjoy the flavor and texture of a freshly squeezed juice!

• No waste of product, you use exactly what you consume

• One 25cl bottle provides 100% of daily recommended needs on vitamin C


Deep freezing benefits

No food waste: our customers only use what they need.

Long product shelflife: far much longer than a fresh product (or course!).

Best quality: consistent quality throughout the year for all products. Organoleptic characteristics are fully preserve thanks to the deep freezing process.

Good value for money:  frozen products are less likely to experience the large price changes that affect fresh product.

1l bottle

25cl bottle