Orijin® Blond Lentils

Orijin® is pleased to offer you their American Richlea Lentils variety.

This famous product is grown in the United States of America. An excellent source of nutrients as well as being very filling, with a high mineral and fibre content and an excellent source of proteins,



• Superior quality product and fast cooking time.

• Great source of Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Vitamins B1 & B6

• Excellent source of proteins

• Rich in carbohydrates and fibre, brings a long-term sensation of satiety

Find out more in the section “Our recipe ideas“.


Dry beans benefits

Our Orijin® dried vegetables open the way to the preparation of so many delicious recipes, to accompany meat or fish, with grains or vegetables, puree or soups, gratineed meals or salads.

Multi-nutritional benefits: dried vegetables are an excellent source of nutrients as they are naturally rich in protein, fibre, iron, magnesium and vitamins. Excellent support for a healthy balanced diet!

Dried vegetables contain complex carbohydrates, taking a long time to digest thus boosting also your longer term energy levels.

Dried vegetables are gluten free.

Blond Lentils 454 g
(dry product)

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