Orijin® Frozen Cassava


A famous vegetable root from Latin America called CASSAVA (YUCA).  A traditional consumed product in South America, the Caribbeans and Africa.


With its white flesh, you may well soon prefer it to potatoes! High in fibre, very commonly used in South American, Creole and African cuisine. Its characteristic taste evokes sweet chestnut.


To accompany meat, fish or used as dips. Rich in nutrients, excellent source of potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and vitamins.

This product is guaranteed gluten free.

Deep freezing benefits

No food waste: our customers only use what they need.

Long product shelflife: far much longer than a fresh product (or course!).

Best quality: consistent quality throughout the year for all products. Organoleptic characteristics are fully preserve thanks to the deep freezing process.

Good value for money:  frozen products are less likely to experience the large price changes that affect fresh product.

1kg Orijin - Yuca fries

1kg Orijin - Yuca sticks

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