Orijin® Frozen Sweet Potatoes

Native to South America, the sweet potatoe is an excellent alternative to the traditional potato.

This starchy tuber has a sweeter taste than the potatoe.

The sweet potato has a lovely orangey colour and a texture and flavour that will delight children and adults.

It goes very well with roast meat, fish and spicy dishes. A tasty, healthy product and an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, equally high in antioxidants.

Deep freezing benefits

No food waste: our customers only use what they need.

Long product shelflife: far much longer than a fresh product (or course!).

Best quality: consistent quality throughout the year for all products. Organoleptic characteristics are fully preserve thanks to the deep freezing process.

Good value for money:  frozen products are less likely to experience the large price changes that affect fresh product.

1kg Orijin bag

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