Orijin®  Bar-B-Q Smoked Pulled Pork

Discover our original Pulled Pork: hickory smoked and marinated with our legendary Head Country® Barbecue sauce!

Based on an authentic American recipe, a long time beech wood smoke cooking process offers plenty of flavours, with an incomparable tenderness! A treat!

Very easy to handle and suitable for many sandwiches (burgers, bagels, burritos…), for accompagnying salads or main course.

Frozen product.
Available in 500g bag.


• Traditional recipe, beech wood smoking process
• Clean label recipe, no additives
• Tender and melted meat, low and slow cooking
• Shelflife : 18 months under -18°C
• Fast defrosting : 5 min to micro-wave, very easy-to-prepare

Find out more in the section Our recipe ideas.

Deep freezing benefits

No food waste: our customers only use what they need.

Long product shelflife: far much longer than a fresh product (or course!).

Best quality: consistent quality throughout the year for all products. Organoleptic characteristics are fully preserve thanks to the deep freezing process.

Good value for money:  frozen products are less likely to experience the large price changes that affect fresh product.

Orijin® Bar-B-Q Smoked Pulled Pork Frozen
(packed in 500g bag)

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